We are a dynamic, Apostolic Pentecostal church located in the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky.

We believe this Apostolic Faith has reached around the world, because it is contagious, by design. This Gospel message has always been more caught than taught and it is meant to be felt as much as being heard. Contagious by design it started with 12 disciples and then 50 days later on Pentecost it grew to 120. In one more days’ time 3000 souls were added and then in a matter of days 5000 more, proving it to be highly contagious.

Like a fevered contagion this Gospel message was designed to spread from person to person. The members of CAC are embracing the call to “BE CONTAGIOUS.” To make this happen we are determined more than ever to “BE THE GOOD NEWS, BEFORE WE SHARE THE GOOD NEWS”.

We invite you to come experience the Power of Pentecost!