At Calvary, we want to “BE THE GOOD NEWS” before we ever share the Good News.  Jesus’ ministry was summed up by the phrase, “That He went about Doing Good” and we believe the same should be said about all of God’s children.

Here’s how you can do some good this year:

Back to School Bash

CAC gives back to the community during the annual Back to School Bash. You can help by donating school supplies (backpacks, pencils, pencil boxes, spiral note books, erasers, glue, crayons, folders, etc.). The expenses of a new school year can be difficult for parents. We try to help by giving away at least 200 backpacks packed with school supplies. With your help, we hope to DOUBLE this number.


We have partnered with a Missionary couple from CAC (Andy and Debbie Roemer) who are currently serving in the country of Haiti. You can help by donating on a monthly basis or a one-time gift to support the following: missionary support, assisting orphanages, involvement in a medical clinic, school tuition for Haitian children and young adults. Donations are also used for food and clothing for the homeless and hungry. Andy Roemer has been trained and certified in installation of water purification systems (WPS), which is a desperate need in Haiti. Each system cost $2000.00 and with help four systems have currently been installed. 100% of donations are given directly to the work in Haiti and are tax deductible. To give your gifts please call the church office at (502) 966-6949 or check out HSI.